We take a different approach to Real Estate than most other firms.

We don’t believe in just doing business. We join the communities that we serve by volunteering our time our money, and our knowledge to local communities.

We prohibit agents from joining our firm who do not put their customers first. A decision that has cost us thousands of dollars per year.

We do not chargeour clients for consultation or conversation. We aim to give excellent service, even when we’re not making money.


Our Story


To fully understand where BOOK A BROKER was born, you have to get know the founder. Ernest Hill, Licensed Real Estate Broker and founder of BOOK A BROKER was not your average boy growing up in Brooklyn, New York. In fact, he didn’t even grow up in Brooklyn.

Ernest is the oldest of 5 raised with his younger brother and sister under the watchful eye of his single parent mother. Watching his mom raise three kids alone bringing them from Welfare to the suburbs of North Carolina taught him a lot about perseverance, going after your dreams, and humility. All values that are evident in the foundation of BAB.

As Ernest grew up, he dropped out of College and found his way to Brooklyn where his family is from. This is where he fell into Real Estate and found a love that he never knew existed for a craft that only few truly make it in.

After his first year in Real Estate, he began managing offices and training upcoming and veteran agents for a major Brooklyn Real Estate firm. By the end of his second year he had obtained his broker license and had become part owner in his own office. Throughout this experience he was learning the importance of treating people right to the long term success in business. After training, and managing multiple offices Ernest knew it was time to spread his wings.

Ernest interviewed at many different Real Estate firms. He wanted a company that believed in putting the agent first and fostering client - agent relationships. He believed that if you treat people right, the money will come. Since he couldn’t find what he was looking for at any of the other firms, he started his own, BOOK A BROKER, Inc.

BOOK A BROKER, The Real Estate Match Makers, is a boutique Real Estate firm located in Downtown Brooklyn, NY. Exclusively focused on Brooklyn apartment rentals, home sales, and commercial store-front leasing. Everything we do and believe in is to make sure that our brokers and customers feel like partners in the process of buying and selling. We want to ensure all sides are fairly treated and rewarded. We do this by magnifying our client needs, providing continuous agent coaching, and understanding that decisions are theirs to make. What we do is make for a great real estate experience.